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How calculate YouTube Influencer Rates

1.First, analyze your latest 10 videos.
2.Notice the view count and write down the number of views each video has received.
3.Sum all the 10 numbers up
4.Divide the sum by 10.
4.Divide the sum by 10.

Here is an example to make things easier for you to understand:
Video 1 -10,030,
Video 2 -12,968
Video 3 -7908
Video 4- 9874
Video 5- 10,234
Video 6- 8472
Video 7- 11,836
Video 8- 6820
Video 9- 9739
Video 10.12, 003 Example 1: Influencer Rates
Average Views=Sum of views of 10 videos 10
Total Views=99,884.1
Average Views= 99,884.1 : 10 = 9988.41
So according to the data in the table, the average views received on videos are 9988.41.
Now there are 2 types of advertisement which a YouTuber specifically highlights on their video:
A shout-out advertisement, and A dedicated advertisement video Both of these fall in the category of advertisement videos.
In a shout-out video, the YouTuber merely calls out the brand and talks about their product and aims to the viewers for about 20-30 seconds, and then the YouTuber switches back to the original theme of the video.
Since these advertisements run for a short period of time (merely a few seconds), the charges for them are relatively less.
But if a brand or a company is paying you good money, a shout-out would definitely not work for an advertisement and can cause you trouble!
In such cases, you need to make a complete lengthy video of a few minutes dedicated solely to the brand or company and their product.
Your entire video content should then revolve around the brand.
Generally, organizations pay Youtube influencer rates based on the average views on videos.
For instance, 10,000 views for a 20-30 seconds shout-out can earn you around $20 and around $300 for a completely dedicated video.

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